Current Exhibitions -

Light Space & Time Online Gallery,Jupiter, Florida USA,
Cityscapes Art Exhibition March 2014, Special Recognition for Outstanding Art.

Electron Salon, LACDA, 104 East 4th Street, Los Angeles, California
February 13th - March 5th 2014

The Stillpoint Art Gallery, Landscapes by Day, Landscapes by Night,
Exhibition runs from February 1 to April 30, 2014

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Interviews and features about the artist:
By Ed Wedman at

and at the Stillpoint Gallery: by Christine Cote at The StillpointArtGallery 
Contemporary Fine Art Photography

Cuban landscape
This website illustrates the imaginative and creative colour photography of John Brooks. This high quality Fine Art Photographic work specialises in both abstract and semi-abstract landscape and urban images. The colour images are more expressive than pictorial but retain great beauty in the rendition of the subject which is appreciated by many admirers.

His preferred format is 6cm x 6cm square using a Rollieflex camera or 6cm x 4.5cm with his Bronica, together with two 5" x 4" plate cameras. Since the advent of digital photography he also uses a digital camera and favours the superb quality and definition afforded by the Leica lens.

The subject matter is extracted from East and West Coast Canada, United States of America, England, Scotland, Wales, North Africa, Cuba, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia and China.
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